The Real Way To Use Positive Thinking

Controlling your thoughts is very important if you want to be at your best.  If you are thinking you are worthless they it will show in your personality.  If you have thoughts of being the best, then you'll start doing things and acting your best.  In this article I'm gonna show you how to use positive thinking the right way. Here's what you need to do:

1. Sit in an undisturbed area and close your eyes. Clear your mind and focus on your breathing. Your breathing should be natural and steady. Your heart rate should have a steady and relaxed rhythm. We will call this your "relaxed and ready" state.

2. Keeping this "relaxed and ready" state, you will add new empowering thoughts. You must maintain this state the whole time of thinking these thoughts. If you have any doubts, fears, anxieties, etc. you must drop the thought immediately by phasing out your thoughts. Here's why: When you think of the new positive, empowering thoughts, they may feel unnatural and fake. This will lead to thoughts of doubt. When you have doubts in your head you will realize that your breathing and heart rate will be irregular and possibly labored. When this happens you will phase out the thoughts and go back to clearing your mind until your breathing and heart rate is back to being steady and relaxed. Once you are relaxed and ready, you can think the empowering thought again.

3. You will repeat the process until you feel comfort in that thought. Any time you think that thought and feel doubt, fear, anxiety, etc., you will phase out the thought, clear your mind, and try again. After you do this a few times, notice how empowered you feel. You will notice how confident you are with that particular thought and you can now say, "I can do this".

When you clear out the negative thoughts and insert positive thoughts then you'll notice that you'll have no internal conflict, sabotaging your success.  When people start thinking positive, the first thing that starts to happen is your mind will tell you that this is not who you are. When you phase out those thoughts until they no longer exist, you're gonna notice that you'll be more in tune with the new positive thought. You may be able to fail without thinking it's the end of the world. That's right..failure is a big part of success. Without failure, you may not appreciate success. Practice clearing your mind for at least ten minutes a day (or throughout the day) and you will notice that that alone can do wonders for your confidence. Add the element of positive thinking and you may feel like failure doesn't phase's only part of the process.


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